We joke that since adopting this diet we’ve gone from gourmet foodies, to hippies who eat nothing but leaves and twigs. The reality is, we’ve lowered our cholesterol significantly and dropped some serious weight. My name is Christy. I live in Houston, Texas with my Husband Nathan, our toddler Elliot, and another boy on the way. This is my personal collection of MOSTLY plant based, whole food, low fat recipes I consider worth sharing with friends and family. This site is intended for friends and family, it is not intended to be a professional recipe site. It’s a very simple site of recipes that was put together in about an hour, and will be updated when I find a new recipe worth sharing.

We like eating this way about 90% of the time. The other 10% (two meals a week) we eat whatever. I’m not the type of person who will ever say that this way of eating tastes just as good as our previous gourmet foodie ways (I’m a realist), but we’ve found a way to make it taste good enough to justify the sacrifice for the health rewards. To put it another way, I think ANIMALS ARE DELICIOUS! But knowing what we now know (that they’re not very good for us, and that we can make plants taste pretty damn good), it just doesn’t make sense not to eat this way.

We don’t try to convince others to eat this way. But if people we happened to like, happened ask us questions, we try to help by sharing our experience. This approach has lead to several family members adopting our diet and now my mother, sister, and I are all cooking together once a week. I’ve always done a lot of batch cooking, but since becoming a quasi private chef I’ve had to step it up. For efficiency, I put a lot of thought into meal planning, so I share some of those meal plans here.

A note about the weekly menus – now that my sister is part of our team it’s thrown a new dynamic into planning meals. You see, each of us does this diet for a slightly different reason. My mom does it mostly for cardio vascular health, I do it for general health, and my sister does it for weight loss. I’m currently at a normal weight but I’m eating for three (I’m pregnant and nursing) and therefore need some calorie density in my diet to avoid the inconvenience of having to eat a gajillion times a day. Thus, finding a balance in the meal planning is sometimes tricky. That’s why you might see some back and forth with calorie density. If you’re strictly doing this diet to lose weight, I wouldn’t follow these meal plans 100%. Or you could follow them, but eat less of some meals and throw in lots high water content foods like brothy soups and salads before each meal to help feel full. Just remember that some of these meals are planned for someone who is TRYING to eat more calories!

Cooking about a weeks worth of food all at once for five adults and a toddler takes time. I spend about an hour or two planning. An hour or two shopping. And about 6-7 hours cooking (and that’s with about three people cooking). But after that, there is minimal work to put a fabulous plant strong meal in the table in minutes.

Can it be done faster and easier? Absolutely! But the kind of food I like to eat tends to lean towards the gourmet, and I can’t eat the same food all the time, so my menus are a little complex.

Do we feed our kid this way? Yes. Elliot was five months old when we changed our diet, so he’s always eaten this way (except for the low fat aspect, I’ll add fat to his meals in the form of seed butters, nut butters, avocado, etc.)

These recipes are not as “polished” as those you would find in a cook book or professional recipe site; I don’t have the time to put that level of thought into them. If something is confusing, I encourage you to be adventurous and just wing it. If you’re not feeling adventurous, ask questions via a comment instead of emailing me, that way everyone can see it.

I usually start with a professionally published recipe and make my own tweaks. I site the original recipe most of the time. I update recipes often, based on new experiments, so check back to see the latest version of a recipe. See the Tips page for more info about our diet.

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  1. Christy, I a big fan of yours and I thank you SO much for the work that you do on this blog. I follow many of your meal plans each week and I look forward to all of your comments and helpful information.

    Like you, I too use Paprika Recipe Manager. I know that you post recipes from Paprika to your blog and that is easy to do directly from Paprika, however it is not easy to get those recipes into my Paprika Recipe Manager from your block without using the Paprika cut and paste function. Do you know if it is possible to share recipes in an easier fashion amongst us Parprikaers?

    You have no idea what a great influence you are on others who are going the Whole-Food, Plant-Based route. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!


    • Wow Holly. I think I’m blushing right now! Thank you so much for the compliment!
      I wasn’t sure anyone was even really reading this.
      I’ve forwarded your request to Tech Support, aka my husband, he makes apps for a living and I think he knows the creator of Paprika so I’m sure there’s a solution. I’ll reply here again when we find it. And again, thanks for the feedback, you made my day! šŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Christy, I am so anxious to try your recipes . I’m going to start with the Green Goddess Garlic Dressing as I eat a lot of salads. So far there is nothing that your mom makes that I have tried that isn’t good ! Keep on posting šŸ™‚

    • Hi Nelda! Thanks so much for the comment!
      The Goddess Dressing is a great one to start with as it is one of the best. Play around with the herbs, adding this and that and whatever you have on hand. It’s very forgiving. The only problems you’re likely to have is not having enough (I’ve been know to make quadruple batches) or dealing with the garlic breath afterward!

  3. I found you on the engine2 Extra site. I have passed your blog on to a few more people, so you may have a few more fans soon!

  4. I’m IN! ( Gonna try) Well, just started investigating this way of eating….lots of information from Claire & Pat….. I’m not sure I can do it…. But….. Aunt Melinda!

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