I’m Back!

I’ve been on hiatus from posting for about six months now, but I’m finally getting back to a place where I have the time and energy to put into Tasty Leaves and Twigs again. Since this is a recipe blog more than a life blog, I won’t go too into it, except to say that I don’t recommend moving homes during soul-crushing early pregnancy illness with a toddler in tow. It was pretty rough for a while there. But it’s over now, and life is pretty much back to normal.

Surprisingly, I mostly kept up this way of cooking and eating during that time. It got easier when my sister joined the band wagon because she shares in the shopping sometimes and is a workhorse in the kitchen. So once a week, my mom, my sister and I get together to cook all our food for the week (my sister’s husband is eating the food too, so in total we’re feeding six people, five adults and a toddler). Now that we’re tripling recipes it’s quite the operation! It’s helped by the fact that we often have a helper who chops and cleans. We call ourselves The Cheatgans. it stands for Cheating Vegans, because none of us do this diet 100%. In fact, during my first trimester, I was so nauseous I went from my usual 90% compliance down to 70%. Some days I just couldn’t stand the thought of anything other than a frozen pizza; considering how sick I was, I cut myself some slack.

At first, I tried saving all our weekly menus to post later, but I don’t want to bomb this site with a trillion posts at once so I’ll just post some of my favorite new recipes from the past six months and start the weekly menus from scratch.

A note about the weekly menus – now that my sister is part of our team it’s thrown a new dynamic into planning meals. You see, each of us does this diet for a slightly different reason. My mom does it mostly for cardio vascular health, I do it for general health, and my sister does it for weight loss. I’m currently at a normal weight but I’m eating for three (I’m pregnant and nursing) and therefore need some calorie density in my diet to avoid the inconvenience of having to eat a gajillion times a day. Thus, finding a balance in the meal planning is sometimes tricky. That’s why you might see some back and forth with calorie density. If you’re strictly doing this diet to lose weight I wouldn’t follow these meal plans 100%. Or you could follow them, but eat less of some meals and throw in lots high water content foods like brothy soups and salads before each meal to help feel full. Just remember that some of these meals are planned for someone who is TRYING to eat more calories!

A housekeeping note, I’ve reorganized the site a little to make things easier to find. I’ve added categories for meal plans and recipes and I’ve added subcategories for the recipes. Hopefully this makes it easier navigate the site, but don’t forget you can always use the search box if you’re looking for something specific.

It’s nice to be back. 🙂