Meal Plan August 27th 2013

We were down a Cheatgan this week so I tried to design a simple menu, but I had to try at least one semi complicated dish because I just couldn’t wait to see how it turned out. I’ll write a separate post about Chicken-pea Stew.
In retrospect, the kale dish and the spinach dish are a little too similar. I think I was overzealous because we hadn’t had greens in a while. And I know the coconut is a cheat, but I had a specific craving and this was better than getting a big bowl of coconut curry from a thai restaurant.
Remember to check back later for feedback about what we liked and didn’t like. Just because it’s on the menu doesn’t mean I endorse it. Sometimes things are just gross but I like to post the menu right after Cook Day before I forget.
  1. Chicken-pea Stew (from Christy’s brain)
  2. Brown Rice Bowls with Spinach, Shiitake, and Sweet Asian Chili Sauce 
  3. Corn Pudding (Happy Herbivore book)
  4. Coconut Curry Kale
  5. Vodka Sauce with Pasta (The Great Vegan Bean Book)
Snacks, lunch stuff, and breakfast:
  • 2 cups bean dip – White Bean and Pecan Pate (The Great Vegan Bean Book)
  • Half a gallon bag of sliced raw veggies, carrot, jicama and fennel, cucumber for snacking, salads and wraps
  • Chocolate Zucchini Muffins
  • 3-5lbs whole roasted yukon potatoes for snacking or lunches
  • 10 ears corn on the cob for snacking or lunches
  • brown rice
  • Thousand Island dressing 
  • Chopped green onions, 1 bunch, for salads and wraps
  • Fresh fruit for breakfast and snacks
  • The vodka sauce had WAY too much vodka! We couldn’t really eat it.
  • The Chicken-pea Stew was a hit even when I cooked it for my husband’s family.
  • The pate wasn’t anything special but if you spread it on a piece of toast with a thin layer of the Thousand Island Dressing it… and I know this sounds crazy… but it kind of tasted like fried fish!?!

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