Meal Plan September 10th 2013

My mom and sister attended the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend last weekend so we’re trying a bunch of recipes they got there.
1) Hand Rolls with nori, sushi rice, cucumber, avocado, pickled ginger, seaweed salad, mango, carrot, green onion
2) Smokey Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili (McDougall)
3)  Tomato Basil Soup (McDougall)
4)  Thai Noodles (McDougall)
5) Polenta Lasagna (Tasty Leaves and Twigs, to be published)
Snacks, lunch stuff, and breakfast:
– 2 cups bean dip – Faux Goat Cheese (Great Vegan Bean Book)
– Half a gallon bag of sliced raw veggies, carrot, jicama and fennel, cucumber for snacking, salads and wraps
– Black Bean Brownies (Tasty Leaves and Twigs, to be published)
– 3-5lbs whole roasted yukon potatoes for snacking or lunches
– 10 ears corn on the cob for snacking or lunches
– E2 balsamic dressing
– pre-washed greens
– Chopped green onions, 1 bunch, for salads and wraps
– Fresh fruit for breakfast and snacks
Corn Bread (McDougall)
Thai Noodles were are favorite and we will be putting them into regular rotation!
Hand rolls were a surprising hit. Once you get past the initial intimidation of rolling your own sushi, the flavors were surprisingly good. Next time we might try doing regular rolls because no one was a big fan of that last bite of the hand roll that’s mostly nori.
Faux Goat Cheese was revolting! Mom liked it, but no one else could eat it. The ingredients looks so promising, I don’t know what went wrong but it went very very wrong!

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