Meal Plan This Week

Without meaning to, the theme this week seems to be protein, protein, protein. Almost every dish has either beans, lentils, or quinoa. Might have to change the name to Tasty Legumes and Seeds!

1) Christy’s Lentil Soup
2) Almond Chili Sauce with Pasta
3) Meatloaf with Asparagus
4) Enfrioladas
5) Quinoa Salad with Orange-Cumin Vinaigrette
6) Dad’s Pinto Beans

Snacks, lunch stuff, and breakfast:
– 2 cups bean dip – cheesy black bean dip
– Black Bean Brownies (recipe to come, still perfecting it)
– 3-5lbs whole roasted red potatoes for snacking or lunches
– 10 ears corn on the cob for snacking or lunches
– 6 cups of cooked quinoa with Canadian Lake Wild Rice, for breakfast, salads, wraps
– Dressing – Double batch Green Goddess Garlic
– pre-washed greens
– Chopped green onions, 1 bunch, for salads and wraps
– Fresh fruit for breakfast and snacks
– 2c vegan Parmesan cheese

***Remember to check out the bottom of past meal plan posts because I comment on what we thought about the dishes.

– The Almond Chile Sauce was Awesome!!! With that much almond butter/fat content it’s no surprise but the balance of flavors was spot on. The coconut water was the real reason I wanted to try this recipe. What a good idea. I’m going to start using it in more recipes. Especially salad dressings which this sauce would be great for too.
– The quinoa salad was gross. I’ve just about given up on grain based salads. I’ve had so many flops!

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