Meal Plan This Week

Since I do a lot of thorough meal planning that people often ask me about, I thought I might start posting the plans. I tend to plan a weeks worth of meals and cook most of them ahead of time, all in one day.

Here’s this weeks meal plan:

Dinners: 1) Pasta and Toasted Almond Basil Pesto (pesto made ahead) 2) Balsamic Black Beans with Brown and Wild Rice (made ahead) 3) Roasted Carrot & Fennel Soup (made ahead) 4) Polenta Lasagna with Portobellos and Kale (assembled ready for oven) (made with my cheese sauce instead of recipe’s cheese sauce) 5) Savory Tangy Quinoa and Lentils with frozen veggies (broth ingredients assembled ahead)

Snacks, lunch stuff, and breakfast (all made ahead): – 2 cups bean dip – Sun Dried Tomato Hummus (recipe to come) – Half a gallon bag of sliced raw veggies, radish, celery, fennel, for snacking, salads and wraps – 36 mini banana muffins w/ walnuts, for breakfast and snacking (recipe to come) – 2 cups of homemade vegan Parmesan cheese, for pasta and salads – 3-5lbs whole roasted red, yellow and purple potatoes for snacking or lunches – 6 ears corn on the cob for snacking or lunches – 6 cups of cooked brown and wild rice, for breakfast, salads, wraps, dinners – A two gallon bag of washed greens, roman (1 head), shredded cabbage (1/2 head) and shredded carrot, and kale (1 bunch) for lunch salads or dinner side dishes – Homemade Sweet Asian Chili salad dressing (recipe to be posted soon) – Chopped green onions, 1 bunch, for salads and wraps – Fresh fruit for breakfast and snacks – homemade pickled onion and jalapeño, for salads and wraps – homemade pickled shredded carrot, for salads and wraps

Update: Here is some feed back on what we thought of this week’s meals. Favorite meal: lasagna (I used pre-package sun dried tomato polenta) Least favorite: soup, tasted too much like carrot, not enough like fennel, but it was still good. I left a lot of chunks and Elliot loved them. Pesto: wasn’t as good as normal, ate it on day three so it just might be one of those things that need to be eaten fresh? Beans: really need to be served with a drizzle of balsamic and Bragg’s. Hummus: Elliot’s favorite, Mom made this. I need to get her to measure next time so I can post the recipe!

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